On November 2013 Michael Kirby Alvarado was murdered. A lifelong friend and teammate Michael who was referred to as "Mi primo" or my cousin. Michael was a sneaker collector, a musician, a drug dealer, a class president, a lover, a fighter, a Latin-American, an African American, an athlete, a poet, a star. A day before his first big hip hop show Michael known in the hip hop community as Mic AVE was murdered. 

 They took a shining light from my community, and I saw for the first time how the loss of one life can impact a community. I know what you are imagining : tears, sadness, loss, finality. But for some reason the impact his death had on me was peaceful, but why? Because I knew that day I would take everything that Michael stood for and honor it through my life. And so FUGGIT was born.

Immediately I started doing research on other cases of material violence in hip hop culture and the stories regarding sneaker violence leaped out at me.  I was able to take the inspiration of other ideas that I had picked up along the way one being a crochet converse baby booty that I saw on Etsy and created the concept based on brining awareness to others who have lost due to sneaker violence. 

Like an animal is killed for its fur in the name of fashion, so is a human who is killed for their materials in the name of fashion. I have been on a mission for the past 5 years to spread our products that are a symbol against these bad decisions of murdering for sneakers and I need you to help it catch on. 

People are being killed for sneakers across the country. Paul Sampleton Jr was 17 when he was killed in Grayson Atlanta Georgia for his Jordan sneakers. There are some codes of the street were lives are taken. However, taking  lives for sneakers is petty and dishonorable. 

FUGGIT makes slippers that look like popular sneakers . When we sell them it allows us to raise money for the communities affected by sneaker violence. It also allows us to create content such as educational videos addressing this cultural issue. Unfortunately, we have no machine being us and we need the power of the people to spread this trend. Thanks for your time.  END SNEAKER VIOLENCE.